Books and Journals

MRE Cover  Macromolecular Reaction Engineering is one of the rare journals dedicated to engineering issues in the field of polymer science.

Soares_Cover Click on the link for access to a free copy of the first chapter of  Polyolefin Reaction Engineering.  This book takes a look at how polyolefins are made, how to model and measure reaction kinetics, reactors, evaluate polymer properties….  It’s aimed at polymer chemists, plastics technologists, process engineers,the plastics industry, chemical engineers, and materials scientists (OK, yes, we wrote it, but it’s still pretty good).

Web Sites

PRE-JPG.jpgPolyolefin Reaction Engineering Linked In page – sign up to keep abreast of developments in our field, new courses, conferences, etc.

DPI_logo_defDutch Polymer Institute – Polyolefins Cluster.  The DPI runs a pre-competitive high level research program in the area of polyolefins.