Timothy McKenna

Timothy McKENNA is currently the director of the laboratory Catalysis, Polymerization, Processes and Materials near Lyon, France.  He has been working in the field of Polyolefin Reaction Engineering since 1989, when he joined Elf-Aquitaine International as a research engineer to develop models for gas phase polyethylene reactors.  In 1992 he joined the CNRS, and began to focus on particle level phenomena, in particular heat and mass transfer and the impact of particle morphology.  Over the course of the past 3 decades Professor McKenna has developed specialized reactor tools to allow us to study micro and mesoscale phenomena under industrial conditions.  Recently his group has also begun a large scale study of the non-ideal thermodynamics of olefin polymerization systems. Professor McKenna is the author of over 260 peer-reviewed publications, and, along with Professor Soares is currently working on a new version of their text “Polyolefin Reaction Engineering – A Multiscale Approach” (due out in late 2022).  More information on Professor McKenna’s activities can be found here.